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Council Member, Orange County

Meet Mrs. Anna Koreban, a dynamic young executive bringing a fresh perspective to Smart.exe. Born in Ukraine, she holds a B.A. in Psychology and Management from Open University Tel-Aviv. With a keen understanding of human behavior and efficient management, Mrs. Koreban oversees the challenging domains of Marketing Sales and Customer Relations.

Smartexe, a leading offshore services partner, finds its guiding force in Anna. Specializing in software design, development, integration, project management, and product management, Smartexe boasts a global network of technology specialists in R&D centers. Since its establishment in 2004, Smartexe has been a go-to for companies seeking high-tech, innovative solutions—catering to startups and well-established enterprises alike.

With over 200 engineers in Eastern Europe, spanning Macedonia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, Smartexe ensures only the best talents contribute to its success. Local team leaders, many holding advanced degrees, lead the way in engineering excellence. The company prides itself on a robust track record of successful projects and satisfied customers who entrusted crucial initiatives into Smartexe’s capable hands.

In 2023, Anna Koreban added another feather to her cap by establishing the Jewish American Tech Network—an exclusive hub for tech executives. The network quickly became a resounding success, fostering connections and collaborations within the tech industry. Anna’s leadership continues to drive Smart.exe to new heights, embodying innovation, excellence, and community building in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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