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Council Member, Orange County

Arik Vrobel is a seasoned executive with 30+ years in the wiring-harness industry. He was the former owner and operator of El-Com Systems ( ) , a custom wiring-harness manufacturer that transformed itself into a global leader of electronic interconnects for sophisticated, high-reliability applications and products. During Arik’s tenure, El-Com Systems generated over $1 billion in sales and became the best-in-class harness supplier for the commercial-space industry. Reaching close to 500 employees operating out of 4 locations, in 2021 Arik led the sale of El-Com Systems to Winchester Interconnect ( an Aptiv subsidiary.
Arik is passionate about streamlining and simplifying complex products and processes both for customers as well as internal applications. For many years, he was concerned about design errors in wiring harnesses that were often identified only during the prototype/manufacturing process. To address this problem, Arik and his team evaluated software tools that could effectively solve the design mistakes their customers were encountering. When they could not find a satisfactory solution, Arik formed his new business Cableteque LLC (, a SAAS company that provides a CAD agnostic validation and enhancement tool called PIA (Predictive Interconnect analytics). PIA helps designers identify errors and warnings early in the design process, saving valuable time and significant costs.

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