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Dr. Michal Vakrat Wolkin

General Partner, GFT Ventures

Dr. Michal Vakrat Wolkin is an investor, applied physicist, and executive business development leader with broad exposure to frontier technologies and innovation in applied sciences and digital transformation. Michal is a managing partner at GFT Ventures. She was the Managing Director of Lear Corporation in Israel since 2017 until 2020,leading investments, partnerships, and innovation activities related to Autonomous, Connected and Electric Cars, and also launched the Israeli office. Lear is the largest automotive tier 1 supplier in the USA and from top 5 worldwide. Previously, Dr. Michal Vakrat Wolkin was 3M’s head of R&D in Israel. She was also Technical Director of NASA’s/Clan Tech Open Night Rover Challenge in Silicon Valley. Prior to that Michal was a member of research staff at Xerox PARC in Palo Alto and Director of Energy Storage at Better Place in Palo Alto. Michal is a technical expert in multidisciplinary core technology areas including EV batteries, electro-optics, nanotechnology and solid state physics. She managed technical and BD programs in research lab and startup environments. Michal has over 10 patents, more than 2000 citations on her PRL paper from 1999, and is active board member and advisor to startups and VC funds.

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