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Lital Cohen

Professional speaker and Founder of CORE

Based on over eleven years’ experience as a professional speaker, giving workshops worldwide in various companies and organizations; as a “Toastmasters” champion for public speaking and as a mentor for immigrants; I’ve put together entertaining workshops, enriching lectures, one-on-one mentor sessions, and facilitating programs. I’ve worked with small audiences, and large ones of over 3000 people—spanning ages 12 to 99—at high – tech companies, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, women’s empowerment groups, under represented populations and more. Lifting people’s spirit up and motivate them to take positive actions is in my DNA. That is why my ideology stems mostly from the fields of Behavioral Sciences(B.A), Social Sciences(M.A) and from lessons learned from my most profound life experiences. These workshop sand one-on-one sessions aim to guide individuals and teams to be fully expressed, develop empathy and achieve higher performance at their workplace and in their personal lives. Together we will develop self-esteem, team communication and presentation skills. Join me for unforgettable  moments that will move audiences (literally and figuratively),and that will inspire and encourage you to take action and reach your fullest potential. 

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