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Sharon F. Danzger

Productivity Consultant & Performance Coach

Sharon F. Danzger is the founder of Control Chaos and author of Super-Productive: 120 Strategies to Do More and Stress Less. Her firm helps clients improve their productivity, performance, and well-being through corporate training, executive, and group coaching. She has consulted for a variety of businesses, from international conglomerates to small companies and nonprofits. Danzger’s work focuses on empowering individuals to make deliberate, incremental changes in how they operate, resulting in a big impact on their work performance and quality of life. Sharon is a guest lecturer at Columbia University’s Executive MBA program and an Assistant Instructor at the University of Pennsylvania. Danzger holds the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) designation from  ICF (the International Coach Federation). She received her bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a master’s degree in real-estate finance from New York University, and a master’s degree in applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Danzger earned a certificate from the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation in Leadership and Negotiation. Danzger holds the CFA, CLU, and ChFC designations.

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