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Tal Barnoach

General Partner, Disruptive VC

Tal Barnoach is a founder-GP at Disruptive VC Disruptive, Opportunity Fund & Disruptive AI. He was a seed investor in Qumranet (Acq. by Redhat) and Crossrider (Acq. by The Market). He founded S.E.A (public in 1996), Orca Interactive (Acq. by France Telecom, 2008), Belnsync (Acq. by Phoenix Technologies, 2008), and Dotomi (Acq. by ValueClick, 2011). He sits on boards, including Beamr, Idomoo, Anodot, Tailor Brands, Bit & Qwilt.  Talserved in EliteIntelligence Unit in the Army & Graduated from Tel Aviv University

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