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Yonatan Adiri

Founder & CEO,

Yonatan Adiri is the Founder and CEO of and one of Time Magazine’s 2018 50 most influential people in healthcare. Previously, Yonatan served as the Chief Technology Officer to the 9th President of Israel HH Shimon Peres. During his tenure, he devised a creative policy of technological diplomacy, forging a set of global collaborations in the water, space, agriculture, and biomedical fields.

Adiri holds an MA in Counter-Terrorism from Tel Aviv University and graduated as President of the inaugural class of the NASA-based Singularity University, where he co-founded a car-sharing pioneer (“the AirBnB of cars”), Adiri is the youngest Israeli to address the World Economic Forum in Davos’ Main Plenary and is a frequent contributor to the global healthcare conversation

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