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Need some help ?

Mentoring at IAC Eitanim is a great opportunity to pass along your knowledge and experience to teens as well as help connecting them to Israel. Mentors teach teens about entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, management, product development, etc. and support them in doing something great for the community!

We’re looking for mentors who are:

  • Professionals in the tech, business, marketing etc.
  • Understand how companies and start-ups work.
  • Have the passion to work with Jewish and Israeli-American teens.
  • Want to make an impact. 

As a mentor you will:

  • Help teams generate ideas, problem-solve, and complete projects.
  • Give teams feedback and help overcome obstacles.
  • Support teams in the developing of their ideas.
  • Help teams define workflow and be a resource for organization.
  • Most importantly, be present for the teens and encourage them!

All you need is enthusiasm, life experience, and a willingness to mentor teens. We will provide the training, curriculum, and a group ready to meet you.

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