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HOPE: Human Odyssey to Political Existentialism

Enrichment , Ofek
Wed., MARCH 3rd
05:00 PM (PST)
Duration: 45 minutes

In this course, we look for answers to seemingly unsolvable queries: Why breathe? Why breed? Why bleed? What justifies continuing, creating, and killing lives?
Human Odyssey to Political Existentialism (HOPE) is a journey into the human condition and its politics, turning to existentialism for guidance.

Most philosophers ask, “what is the good life?” and answer, “to feel good, or to be good, or to do good.” Existentialism asks, “what is life good for?” and traces the answers that people, in their lived experience, give – to foster our own.

HOPE is a richly interdisciplinary course: anchored in political science and philosophy. It also draws on history, sociology, psychology, and economy – synthesizing theoretical insights with empirical findings; both vintage and novel. HOPE shows that science and art can create a wonderful synergy when studying – indeed foregrounding – our humanity.

HOPE employs novel technologies in ways that enhance – not drain – our humanity and our ability to turn from “power politics” to “purpose politics”: cultivating creative, courageous, civil choices – the gist of existential politics.

In HOPE, you will find:
Animated talks, interviews and student discussions
Exploration of key concepts and figures – thinkers, artists, and politicians – both ancient and modern
A host of fascinating questions to probe alone, and together, with friends and in class
Myriad multimedia features, including various forms of art (painting, prose and poetry, cinema, tv, and music)
An invitation to choose between several edifying projects, including a personal journal and a collective newspaper

What you’ll learn:
The tenants, thinkers, and concepts of existentialism
What distinguishes humans from animals and machines
The meanings of identity and authenticity and how they impact politics
The nexus between liberty, freedom, bad faith, and reflection
Types of happiness and the point of pursuing it – privately and publicly.

האם “מותר האדם מהבהמה” ומהמכונה? מי אנחנו? מה ההבדל בין חופש לחירות? האם עלינו לרדוף אחרי האושר? מה טעם החיים – והמוות? מה מקום המחשבה, המוסר, והאמת בחברה ובפוליטיקה? האם אלוהים מת? כיצד נמצא אהבה ותקווה? בקורס זה נברר מה מייחד ומאחד אותנו כבני-אנוש, ומה משמעות “האנושי באדם” לחברה ולפוליטיקה – מבעד לפילוסופיה האקזיסטנציאליסטית. הקורס הוא פרי פיתוח משותף של אוניברסיטת תל אביב ואוניברסיטת פרינסטון.

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teaching this course

Dr. Uriel Abulof



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