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Join a Purim Celebration Near You

National Event
10:30 AM (PST)
Duration: 6 hours 30 minutes

Celebrate Purim with thousands of families from coast-to-coast!
Join an event in your area for an unforgettable family experience that includes one-of-a-kind in-car experiences, interactive activities, fun games and so much more.

*All events follow COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Unmasking Purim – Coast to Coast

Unmasking Purim: In-Car Experience – East Bay (Bay Area), CA

Mishloach Manot Project – Orange County, CA

Community “Mishloach Manot” – Gamad Anak – Orange County, CA

Mishloach Manot Project – San Diego, CA

Unmasking Purim – Woodland Hills, CA

Shishi Israeli Drive Thru: Purim – Woodland Hills, CA

Mishloach Manot for the Elderly – Woodland Hills, CA

Unmasking Purim – Denver, CO

Unmasking Purim – Washington, DC

Purim Extravaganza – Hollywood, FL

Unmasking Purim – Orlando, FL

Community Mishloach Manot Project – South Florida

Unmasking Purim – Atlanta, GA

Purim Party for Adults – Atlanta, GA

Unmasking Purim – Boston, MA

Unmasking Purim: Community Celebration – Fairlawn, NJ

Unmasking Purim – Las Vegas, NV

Unmasking Purim – New York, NY

Drawing for Good – Purim – New York, NY

Unmasking Purim – Community Celebration – Rochester, NY

Unmasking Purim: In-Car Experience – Austin, TX

Unmasking Purim: In-Car Experience – Redmond (Seattle), WA



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