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Shavuot “Teneh” Exchange

Seattle, WA

Community , Gvanim Community Leadership
Fri., MAY 07TH TO Sat., MAY 08TH
08:00 AM (PST)
Duration: 9 hours

Bring some Shavuot spirit into your home and join us for a festive Shavuot opportunity to exchange a “teneh” (Shavuot basket in Hebrew) with another family in our community.

We will reach out to you with your “teneh” family partner via email. We will do our best to match you with a family that is relatively close to you in distance, but cannot make any promises. Thank you for joining our community Shavuot celebration!

הזדמנות שבועות חגיגית להחלפת טנא קהילתי בין משפחות עם סממני החג.


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