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  • Shalom,
  • We thank you for your submitting your candidacy for the IAC Gvanim Community Leadership Program.
  • The purpose of the questionnaire before you is to learn a little about you, to know your personal and professional background, worldviews on identity and belonging, and as well as your interest in the Israeli-American community in the United States.
  • Your answers will help us in preparation and as a basis for the personal interview we will conduct with you in the future, it will also help us consider and decide whether the candidate is suitable for the process and program, and will also enable the construction of a heterogeneous group that reflects the different shades and voices in the local community.
  • You are welcome to answer in Hebrew or English.
  • Thank you for your time and cooperation.
  • General:
    Personal Background:
    Program Candidacy and Willingness to Engage in Community Activity:
    Israeli-American-Jewish Identity (Please answer carefully - your answers will be used during the program):
    Threshold conditions:
    Interview or Personal Conversation:
  • After completing the questionaire, there will be a call or personal interview that will determine your acceptance into the program.
  • Thank you for your time,
  • The Gvanim Program Team
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