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A Personal Journey to Self.
A Lifelong Israeli-American Leader.

Togetherness יחד מובילות בקהילה

Together as powerful women and leaders in the Israeli-American community around us.

Empowerment נשים מעצימות נשים

Women leaders empower other women leaders and bring impact together to our community. As a woman, as a mother and as an activist.

Israeliness ישראל בלבי

Strengthen your connection to Israel, Judaism, and your family!

"I went through transformative internal changes through empowerment, and reconnected to Israel and amazing women"
Dana Klein, New Jersey
Our Journey Together
Pack your bags, leave everything behind, and march into the future.

8 Local Sessions

Meet and connect with powerful women around the U.S. who share unconditional love and bond with Israel. Acquire tools for empowerment and personal development and experience different ways of connecting to Jewish identity and culture.

PIC 4 - חיבור ליהדות ארהב -

8 Days of Magic

Our delegation to Israel with Momentum Unlimited explores significant locations in Israel related to Jewish identity, next-generation education, and community action, to inspire women to make a difference in the world.

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A Lifetime of Impact

Gavnim Ramon delegation is just the beginning of a lifelong journey to empower women to lead and transform ourselves, our families, and our communities.

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