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About IAC360

IAC360 vision is to give every Israeli and Jewish American the opportunity to continuously be connected to Israel in every stage of his or her life.

 IAC360 brings together the physical and virtual worlds, through high-quality Israel and Jewish programs and events, connecting individuals to each other and to our local and national communities.

 IAC360 was designed by the Israeli-American Council (IAC) as part of our vision of an engaged and resilient coast-to-coast community with Israel at its heart and Israeliness in its spirit.

We are IAC!

We are an engaged and united Israeli-American community, proud of our Israeli and Jewish American identity and culture and we would like to invite you to join tens of thousands of IAC community members from coast-to-coast with Israel at heart and spirit.  

As part of our community, you will have access to many enjoyable, meaningful programs and events designed for you and your entire family.

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