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IAC Council Member, Austin

Whether it be leading financial startups to maximum profitability, scaling global operations in emerging markets, or guiding clients through their next real estate investment, Karin has seen it all. She leads a life centered around connection, growth, and integrity. After studying law at Tel Aviv University, Karin quickly climbed the ranks at the Israeli Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem. She has a particularly refined skill set of both negotiation and contractual law, having practiced with both the Israeli Attorney General and Dr. Shlomo Cohen & Co, the largest commercial IP firm in Israel. Beyond the legal expertise, Karin has developed a significant international network, serving as the Director of Operations in Palo Alto, California. From Tel Aviv to the Bay Area- her heart to connect with others, facilitate community and build wealth is unparalleled. Today, Karin advises clients on real estate investments, ranging from residential holdings to personal luxury properties. She values honesty, collaboration, and excellence, and looks forward to providing you with a personally curated experience. Karin lives in Austin with her family.

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