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Operating on campuses across the United States, the IAC’s Mishelanu program offers college students a supportive and enriching community where they can celebrate their Jewish heritage and affection for Israel through activities and events. Led by students for students, the program also aims to engage them to proactively combat antisemitism, and advocate for Israel on campuses, which have become fertile grounds for Israel hatred. By serving as a living bridge between pro-Israel students and the Jewish State, and working in collaboration with other pro-Israel groups on campuses, Mishelanu empowers students to make a difference that goes beyond school gates.  


The IAC aims to create a safe space and warm environment for Israeli and Jewish students on campus, allowing them to share special moments and maintain their connection to their heritage. Beyond networking and holiday events, students also participate in activities, such as pro-Israel tabling, year-long activism projects, and initiatives against antisemitism on their campus, with the dedicated guidance of a professional IAC team and student leaders. 


The IAC fosters leadership and encourages young people to take an active role on campuses. Through the Mishelanu program, students can become cultural fellows and spearhead community events that showcase the rich tapestry of Israeli culture, engaging the Jewish and Israeli campus community. They can also act as activism ambassadors and lead efforts to combat antisemitism and advocate for Israel with targeted campus activism. The student leaders undergo training throughout the academic year, offering professional development, mentorship and opportunities to connect to the larger IAC network nationwide. 


The IAC cultivates a vibrant network of Israeli and American faculty and administrators on college campuses across the country. This includes leading educational initiatives and providing legal guidance and support as Jewish and Israeli communities face mounting challenges on campuses, from anti-Israel protests to discrimination and student administration issues. Our academic action works in collaboration with other pro-Israel organizations at the forefront of the fight against antisemitism.

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