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With future generations always in mind, the IAC aims to nurture Israeli and American Jewish identity from a young age with programs dedicated to children between 3 and 8 years old. Through a variety of activities and events tailored for youngsters and their families, the IAC offers a unique space for them to connect, build exposure to their cultural heritage, and develop a deep sense of belonging. 


The IAC’s Keshet program aims to connect children and their families to Israel through a fun and enriching curriculum. We offer engaging activities surrounding Israeli culture and traditions, Israeli role models, as well as science and literature among other subjects. Learning at Keshet takes place in an authentic atmosphere with exposure to the Hebrew language.

From storytelling to creative workshops, our activities celebrate our bond with Israel and our Jewish heritage while ensuring a joyful and playful environment for our little ones through movement, creativity and friendship.


Celebrating the Jewish holidays as a community is essential for our children to experience the joy of their heritage and a sense of pride in their roots. At IAC, we invite young families to come together and take part in holiday-themed activities to make life-long memories in a warm and enveloping holiday atmosphere, where affection for Israel and Jewish culture are front and center. 


Fostering your children’s bond with Israel and teaching them about Israeli and Jewish culture is a daily commitment. 

Our free Fun Kits are tailor-made for your little ones and contain a variety of enjoyable and captivating activities to do at home as a family. We also offer sets of books in Hebrew for your daily bedtime story! It’s a great way to maintain the Israeli experience outside of our community events. 

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