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OFEK makes Israeli and Jewish education accessible and affordable, allowing each student to continue a lifelong Jewish educational journey guided by skilled and certified educators. OFEK, is an innovative educational platform designed to allow everyone to learn Hebrew and connect to Israel, its culture and history from anywhere in the world. With live Hebrew courses, Holocaust education and history learning for all ages and levels, the program connects community members to their heritage and provides a sense of community in a warm, friendly learning environment with the guidance of experienced teachers.

Hebrew Courses

With close to 50 different live courses for all levels, Hebrew learning at OFEK is available for students 6 to 120 years old. Lessons are led by skilled, certified, and experienced Israeli teachers and are available for Hebrew speakers and non-speakers. Ofek’s curriculum is inspired by the guidelines of the Center for Educational Technology and accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), allowing students in grades 9 to 12 to receive credit for completing a second language course. Taught in small groups, participants enjoy personal attention and interactive learning in a warm Israeli atmosphere and from the comfort of home. Beyond language skills, OFEK Hebrew courses are a great way to connect to Israel and other community members over a shared heritage.

Holocaust Education

Learning about the Holocaust is essential for future generations to have a deep understanding of their community’s history and ensure it is never forgotten. That’s why OFEK offers courses, adapted to various age groups, that explore how and why the Holocaust happened, the implications of the Holocaust in our lives today and our role in safeguarding memory and fighting hatred. Using videos, survivors’ artwork and testimonies, a virtual tour of the Holocaust Museum and more, the courses aim to engage all students on this complex issue through the personal experiences of the people who lived during that period.

Heritage and History

Complementary to Hebrew learning, heritage and history courses are designed to connect participants to Israeli culture and traditions through an understanding of its people’s history. Courses dive deep into various aspects of life in Israel, important sites, Jewish holidays and traditions, Israeli foods, historical figures and events, art, literature and more. OFEK aims to inspire community members of various ages to take pride in their heritage and come together through an enriching learning experience.

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