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Tal Hadari Menagen


Nice to meet you!
My name is Tal Hadari.
I’m 43 years old, and I live in Israel. I’m an expert in Organizational Behavior (M.A. in Organizational Sociology) with extensive experience working in the private and government sectors.

About a year and a half ago, I decided to focus on what really matters – in my opinion – and I built a magical social initiative – #You’ve Got It, (“Yesh Lach Et Ze” in Hebrew).

You’ve-Got-It focuses on personal empowerment, with an emphasis on young women, teenage girls and more.

This initiative includes empowering videos in social media, private coaching sessions, lectures, mini group sessions, group coaching, writing a book, and in the spirit of this period – Zoom sessions and a lot of other surprises.

Who comes to me?
Girls that decided they want to succeed!!

In which area?
Any area of life.
And together we can learn HOW!

If you want to really get to know me: I love dark chocolate, can’t stand the smell of coriander, and if I want to relax – all I need is to sit by the beach and watch the waves.

And what I truly believe in is that when you have faith you can accomplish anything you desire.
Well – almost.
The rest we can learn together.

Tal Hadari Menagen courses

Tue., APRIL 27TH | 03:00 PM

You’ve Got It!

What’s Your “Story”? Empowerment course for teenage girls. Ofek invites teenage girls to…

FOR: Teens
Tal Hadari Menagen
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