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Tamir Shaked


Tamir Shaked was born and raised in Israel and moved to Miami Beach in 2013.
Tamir holds an MBA degree with an emphasis in Marketing and Finance, and a B.A degree in Psychology and Management.
His experience includes developing advanced training courses on team building, design thinking, sales, and marketing, and, managing an “Enrichment Center” for children and teens, assisting them with self-esteem building and providing them with tools to succeed in the future.  Tamir is happily married, and his hobbies include: traveling, cooking, and rollerblading.

Tamir Shaked courses

Face 2 Face
Tue., OCTOBER 26TH TO Wed., APRIL 06TH | 07:00 PM

Gvanim Community Leadership
Miami, FL

Gvanim Community Leadership is the IAC’s flagship program designed to empower Israeli Americans…

FOR: Adults
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