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Tony Ben-Zion


Hello everyone, my name is Tony Ben-Zion. I am a mother of two sweet boys, happily married and I live in Los Angeles, California. I am a teacher of cooking and baking. I grew up at home with my grandmother who was an amazing cook, and had a great love for cooking and baking. Over the years I have recreated recipes and dishes that are passed down in our family from generation to generation, and I have also created my own recipes. I am a Wingate Institute graduate in yoga instruction, and a therapist in Shiatsu and reflexology. I have been teaching yoga classes to pregnant women, children, and adults for 13 years. For the past three years I have created workshops, and taught cooking and baking classes for adults and children at the IAC Sheffer Center, and privately in Los Angeles. I currently teach cooking and baking classes on Zoom. I am the owner of The Sixth Spice blog, and I maintain a YouTube channel which I upload easy and delicious recipes to every week.

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